St. Louis in for a treat with the opening of the PBR St. Louis Cowboy Bar

Downtown St. Louis is the place to be today, with Cardinals opening day and our new Ballpark Village bringing sparks of excitement to spring craving fans. And inside Ballpark Village is one of only seven PBR bars in the country. In case you’re thinking PBR might stand for Pabst Blue Ribbon, let me clarify for you. PBR is the abbreviation for Professional Bull Riders. As in, real cowboys who ride real bulls.

This adrenaline fueled sport is sweeping the nation as more and more extreme sport junkies and fans have discovered the amazing world of bull riding. Whether you come across it by accident on television, or get hooked by attending your first event, these guys are the real deal. And there’s something for everyone in this sport.

For The Men

For the men, you get to watch 1,500-2,000 lb. bulls try to buck off 150 lb. cowboys, and these bulls are bad ass. An equal athlete to their cowboy counterpart, these bulls can rotate, twist and turn with amazing agility. Think 40-inch vertical jump. To put that in perspective, LeBron James has a 42-inch vertical jump. Do I have your attention now? Once on the dirt, riders have to scramble to get out of the way of these massive bovines, or risk getting stomped on.

For The Ladies

For the ladies, like I said before–real cowboys, with cowboy hats, chaps, spurs and wranglers. Not guys who just bought a hat and some cowboy boots at Chuck’s Boots last week and they’re trying to play the part. These guys are TOUGH. Like broken bones but still get on top of a bull and ride tough. Like horn to the face and get stitched up and ride an hour later tough.  Not many men like that left in the world, if you ask me.


This new PBR St. Louis bar has it’s own mechanical bull for patrons to ride, and I’m just guessing the men who attempt to stay on will discover a new respect for the real bull riders. And I’m hoping the huge dance floor brings in some real cowboys who know how to dance like a real cowboy. What woman doesn’t like to watch a real man dance when he actually knows what he’s doing? Especially if that man is sporting a cowboy hat, boots and some sexy jeans.

PBR St. Louis Cowboy Bar Is One of a Kind

Now, I’m not a big drinker, but I am a HUGE fan of anything PBR related. I could watch bull riding every day and die happy. Heck, I’m happy just to be in room full of actual cowboys! Here in St. Louis, we don’t see too many of those unless you drive about an hour or so away, so when the PBR comes to St. Louis next February (2015), this bar is going to be packed to the gills with riders, stock contractors, and fans after each of the 3 day events.

I’m really hoping this new cowboy bar attracts tons of new fans to the sport of bull riding. The PBR is such an exciting sport with approachable, down to earth riders, stock contractors, employees and fans. That’s something you just can’t take for granted considering most athletes have bodyguards, and aren’t usually “hanging out” with fans after an event.

Many years of success to the latest PBR St. Louis bar and here’s hoping you acquire many new fans to this fantastic extreme sport!

(Courtesy of

PBR St. Louis

601 Clark Avenue
Unit #202
St. Louis, MO
PH: 314.241.5570

Sun-Wed: Closed
Thurs: 9pm-3am
Fri & Sat: 4pm-3am
*Times subject to change on game days. – See more at:

SUN-WED: Closed
THURS: 9pm-3am
FRI & SAT: 4pm-3am
*Times subject to change on game days

601 Clark Ave
Unit #202
St. Louis MO
Phone: 314-241-5570 – See more at:
601 Clark Ave
Unit #202
St. Louis MO
Phone: 314-241-5570 – See more at:
601 Clark Ave
Unit #202
St. Louis MO
Phone: 314-241-5570 – See more at:

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