2014 Will Be Smackdown’s Last Season

The amazing 9-year-old bull Smackdown will be finishing out his last year with the PBR in 2014.  Stock contractor Chad Berger will be retiring the #5 ranked BFTS bull after this season is over.

Berger said he wants Smackdown to go out a champion, and if Berger were to keep him in the BFTS, more riders would have a chance to score big on the 1500 lb. bull.

So far, Smackdown has had 98 career outs, with 74 being in the Built Ford Tough Series. His average score is 45.88–an amazing number which usually nets the rider a high 80’s score, or even points in the 90’s.

From 2009 thru 2011, Smackdown was only ridden 2 times a year. And the average buck off for this king is usually under 5 seconds.

I know the PBR fans are sure to miss Smackdown’s adrenaline fueled performances and his unparalleled consistency. You can always tell it’s him loaded into the chutes by his uniquely curled horns and reddish-brown color.

Have a great final season, Smackdown, and thanks for the memories.

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