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Jim Ross Cooper

For those of you that missed tonight’s RodeoChat with Professional Team Roper Jim Ross Cooper here is the recap..

Question 1: Why Team Roping? What made you wanna become a team roper?

 I was too little to flank calves at an early age. Plus family always team roped.  Just grew up doing it.

Question 2: Out of all the team ropers in your family.. Who was your biggest inspiration that pushed you harder to be a better team roper?

Definitely my dad.  He allowed me to choose what I wanted to do. His #1 rule was : if its worth doing, do it right & practice hard.

Question 3: So I noticed that in team roping you’re a heeler. Why did you decide you wanted to be a heeler vs. a header?

I started off heading at 8 years old and switched 2 heeling at 13 or 14.  Everyone in my family…

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